spun – “NOW 90’s” (EMI/SonyBMG TV)

28 10 2009


Rating : ***

The eyes blinked when I got this, for a second it was “NOW 39” ….

… and then realised it was yet ANOTHER cashin from EMI’s compilation powerhouse, “Now That’s What I Call Music!” They’ve done the 80’s, they’ve done the decades, they’ve done dance – is there anything that “NOW” haven’t done (hopefully not pigs anyway!) Up until this point “NOW” haven’t touched the 90’s, but with this mediocre effort it’s passable!

As a 90’s “NOW” follower (i’m sure most of the readers here are) isn’t really a big representation of what “NOW” was then as only #1 singles are touched, and to put 60 of them across 3CDs is a bit of a slap on the face for the record buying public.

We really advise buying “101 90’s Hits” from last year a similar EMI/SonyBMG cashin but with 5CDs and more variation, sums up the 90’s for us instead of an obvious attempt at. We dare to think what “NOW 00’s” (released on the 2nd of December) will provide us with, maybe a slap on the arse or that awful Gareth Gates Righteous Brothers cover from 2002… ERK!!! Hint for Mr. Abram and EMI – release NOW 2, 3… get it over and done with!