Single Of The Week – 30/9

30 09 2009

Sugababes –

‘About A Girl’ (Island)


It’s been a week(ish) since Keisha left the Sugababes and sobbing aside the ‘Babes are back with what we think is one of their best singles to date! ‘About A Girl’ is produced by aaaah-Red-Wine (Red-One), y’know them that produced Lady GaGa’s ‘Just Dance’, Enrique & Ciara’s ‘Takin’ Back My Love’ and Sean Kingston’s ‘Fire Burning’ – it’s a shit hot addition to that list!

Now featuring new member and British Eurovision 2009 entrant Jade Ewen, the remix package for ‘About A Girl’ comes from Glam As You, Digital Dog and Serotonin Thieves, again shit hot! We guarantee you’ll be singing ah-ah-oh-oh-ey-oh-oh (or whatever the hell they sing) for weeks on end, it’s gay club gold sista’s! The video is due to air in the coming week so we’ll update the page when that’s available as well!

‘About A Girl’ is released through Island on November the 9th, followed by the album ‘Sweet 7′ on the 23rd.