Single Of The Week – 14/10

14 10 2009


‘Rockin’ At The Disco’ (Hard2Beat)


More To Come….




Single Of The Week – 7/10

6 10 2009

Snow Patrol –

‘Just Say Yes (Stuart Price

Remix)’ (Fiction)


If you know me well enough, you’ll know of my HATE for Snow Patrol – that hate to do with ‘Chasing Cars.’ I remember a few years back meeting Gary Lightbody in a pub with a mate of mine and asking him if ‘Chasing Cars’ was still in the charts… “probably if the money rolls in” was his reply.. hmmm well times have changed as they’ve went all electro on-yo-ass (following Bloc Party’s trend really they started it and the Editors new album has bettered it) with their new single ‘Just Say Yes.’ The single was originally intended for Pussycat Doll – Nicole Scherzinger’s debut album “Her Name Is Nicole” but seeing as that got the axe before it even had a chance to surface, Lightbody kept it for himself (wise!)

But here at “Spintrax” it’s not them we’re interested in for obvious reasons as it’d be called “Indietrax” or “Alternativeshizzle” if that was the case, it’s the GOD that is Stuart Price’s remix of the track. It was like an OMG DJ hardon moment when the remix dropped in my mailbox on Monday morning as usual! Price famously responsible for Madonna’s ‘Confessions’ and The Killers ‘Day & Age’ album really surpasses himself on every remix. To date we’ve loved his Seal, Starsailor, Lady GaGa and Fanny Annie remixes but this WOOFT!

‘Just Say Yes’ is released on November the 2nd and taken from their Greatest Hits album ‘Up To Now’ released on November the 9th through Fiction records!



Single Of The Week – 30/9

30 09 2009

Sugababes –

‘About A Girl’ (Island)


It’s been a week(ish) since Keisha left the Sugababes and sobbing aside the ‘Babes are back with what we think is one of their best singles to date! ‘About A Girl’ is produced by aaaah-Red-Wine (Red-One), y’know them that produced Lady GaGa’s ‘Just Dance’, Enrique & Ciara’s ‘Takin’ Back My Love’ and Sean Kingston’s ‘Fire Burning’ – it’s a shit hot addition to that list!

Now featuring new member and British Eurovision 2009 entrant Jade Ewen, the remix package for ‘About A Girl’ comes from Glam As You, Digital Dog and Serotonin Thieves, again shit hot! We guarantee you’ll be singing ah-ah-oh-oh-ey-oh-oh (or whatever the hell they sing) for weeks on end, it’s gay club gold sista’s! The video is due to air in the coming week so we’ll update the page when that’s available as well!

‘About A Girl’ is released through Island on November the 9th, followed by the album ‘Sweet 7′ on the 23rd.



Single Of The Week – 21/9

23 09 2009

Beyoncé –

Broken-Hearted Girl (Columbia)


It’s been some year for Beyoncé’, an award winning video, an over done Halo, bunch of bad dreams and a sore hand (to say the least.) But Beyoncé’s back again and aims to finish 2009 with a bang with the 5th single from her platinum album “I Am Sasha Fierce”, “Broken-Hearted Girl.” Expect to hear this all over the radio in the coming weeks as it’s another ballady Beyoncé’ one! A little Beyonce fact for you all incase it comes up in a pub quiz, all the singles from ‘Sasha Fierce’ so far collectively have sold 1.7 million copies collectively (impressive!)

For us clubbers the remix package for ‘Broken-Hearted Girl’ is nothing short of spectacular with mixes from Alan Braxe, Olli Collins + Fred Portelli and a return for Gareth Wyn who’s remix of Duffy’s 2008 #1 ‘Mercy’ smashed up in clubs all over the world! ‘Broken-Hearted Girl’ is available to download now and is out physically on November the 2nd as well as the Platinum Edition of Beyoncé’’s 3rd album ‘I Am Sasha Fierce’ which includes a bonus DVD and brand new artwork – whoa-uh-oh!

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Single Of The Week – 16/9

16 09 2009

JLS – ‘Everybody In Love’ (Epic)


.. and my arse won’t meat again – no that’s not how it went that was just me on a drunken haipney one night which was fun! Anyhoo hasn’t been that long ago since X-Factor runners up JLS reached the top slot with their debut single ‘Beat Again’ but the boys are back and HUNKIER than ever with their new single ‘Everybody In Love.’ No it doesn’t remind us of that terrible Usher song ‘Love In This Club’ either…..

For the clubs remixes come from the ultra uber cool and lovely man Cahill and fresh new talent P Money, expect this to blow up all over the radio in the coming weeks! ‘Everybody In Love’ is released on November the 2nd through Epic, followed by the ‘JLS’ album on the 9th! Everybody in love.. g’oan put your hands up.. ##

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