spun – Ministry Of Sound : Anthems Electronic 80’s

28 10 2009


Rating : ****

There was a day and age when people were frightened of microwave ovens, Keith Harris & Orville were national heroes and Boy George was still a woman but it was the arrival of the synth that brought us the soundtrack to the neon age!

Ministry Of Sound’s ‘Anthems’ series returns with yet another tip top 3CD set filled to the brim with unforgettable late 70’s and 80’s electronica (yes false advertising MOS, Gary Numan – Tubeway Army – M to name a few were at the back end of the 70’s) guaranteed to get any retro lover in the mood! You could call it an idiots guide to electronica but this collection truely is sublime with a few hits and misses along the way kicking off with the greatest #2 of all time, Ultravox’s “Vienna.”

From the obvious compilation inclusions of Soft Cell (“Tainted Love”), New Order (“Blue Monday”), Visage (“Fade To Grey”) and Pet Shop Boys (“West End Girls”) MOS spring the rabbit from the hat with a few surprises as usual. We never expected to ever see Sparks (“Beat The Clock”), Debbie Harry (“French Kissing In The USA”) and Johnny Hates Jazz (“Shattered Dreams”) included on a Ministry Of Sound album but as per usual the team have broken the taboo!

80’s pop fans won’t be dissapointed either as this set also contains hits from Duran Duran (“The Reflex”), Spandau Ballet (“To Cut A Long Story Short”) and Kajagoogoo (“Too Shy”.) So rather than buying a cheap old blando 80’s compilation this winter, this fiesty neon effort from MOS is more the pop pickers choice, all you need to bring along is Babycham and cheap hairspray!

“Ministry Of Sound : Anthems Electronic 80’s” is available from November the 9th on CD & Digital through MOS/Universal Music






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